Core Returns

If you're visiting this page you probably have a core to return to us. Thank you for your business!

Here's How The Core Return Process Works:

  1. Complete our core return form.
  2. We will email you the free core return shipping documentation (Bill of Lading) you will need to give to the driver.
  3. You must print these documents out. The driver will not take your core without the printed paperwork in hand.
  4. IMPORTANT: Your cores must be "ready to ship" or you will be charged additional fees.
  5. You will receive a signed copy of your paperwork when the core is picked up - this is your proof you returned your core, so keep it in a safe place.

A Core Is "Ready To Ship" When:

  • It's fully intact/assembled, without holes or cracks.
  • It's completely drained of used fluids.
  • It's in the crate or tote the remanufactured product was received in.

If your core is intact, assembled, without holes or cracks, completely drained and in our crate ready to pick up, you're just a few clicks away!

Questions? Call 1-888-842-0023 toll-free or email [email protected].


For additional details, please review our Core Return Policy.

Request a Core Return Pick Up

Before completing the form below, be sure to read our instructions carefully. This will save you time and help you avoid any additional fees.

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