Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? See answers to some of our most common questions! Please contact us if you don't find the answer here.

What is a core charge?

A core charge is a deposit that's typically charged with an engine purchase. These deposits are charged so that the remanufacturer (like Powertrain Products) can offset the cost of getting another engine to rebuild if the customer doesn't return their old one.

We are one of the first remanufacturers to not require payment of the core charge up front. When you purchase an engine from us, you'll see a core charge on the invoice. This is refundable once your core is returned to us (if you paid up front). If you opted to waive the core charge for 15 days, it isn't collected but will show as a balance due on your invoice. If you make arrangements with us to return your core within 15 days, we cover the return shipping cost, paperwork, arranging the truck, etc. and you don't get charged that balance due. All you need to do is have yourself or your mechanic at the pickup location to load up the core.

Are the engines complete?

Most of the engines we sell are known as complete long block engines. This is a common industry term which means they're remanufactured engines containing the block with heads, gaskets, and oil pump installed. In most cases, this also means external parts such as the oil pan, timing cover, valve covers, intake, starter, etc. are cleaned and reused.

We stock many engines with the oil pan and timing cover on and ready to go. Ask your sales representative how the engine for your vehicle is sold.

Are there shipping charges?

Shipping rates are as follows and are subject to change at any time and vary depending on location.

  • Lower 48 states, shipping rate to business locations: $150.00 round trip
  • Lower 48 states, shipping rates to residential locations: $225.00 round trip

This will include a liftgate equipped truck if requested at the time of purchase.

Please keep in mind that delivery is made on a tractor-trailer combination and it is at the drivers discretion if they can deliver in your driveway, cul de sac,neighborhood, etc. If the driver feels they cannot safely navigate the truck down your road, they will deliver as close as possible.

What are shipping times?

There are several things that factor into shipping time, such as stock levels and shipping location. If a part is in stock, we typically ship it the next business day. Regarding location, we are usually able to deliver to any location in the continental United States within 5 days. Your sale representative can provide you with an estimated delivery time before you place your order. These times are always estimated, as product availability changes daily due to demand.

What do I do if I need a copy of my receipt/invoice or I have a question about my charges?

If you made your purchase online, you can log in to your account to review your order history and download a copy of your invoice to compare to your financial records. If you purchased over the phone from one of our reps, your invoice will be emailed to you.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please call 888-842-0023 or email [email protected] for further assistance.

What happens if you send me the wrong product?

We hope this never happens - it’s why we request a VIN with your order - but we will take care of our mistake. Please call 888-842-0023 to make arrangements for return and re-order.

What happens if I order the wrong product?

You’ll have to return it the same way you would any other order. Please see our Return Policy for details.

How long does it take for a product to arrive at my door?

This depends on the product ordered, the labor required to package it, and any special shipping arrangements. Because our products require freight shipping, you will be given an arranged delivery window once your order is made.

What happens if I need to return or exchange a product?

First, please contact us for a return merchandise authorization number (RMA). Once you have the number, package the parts in the original package. You are responsible for making the freight shipping arrangements and the return shipping cost. We recommend you buy insurance for the return shipment, as we are not responsible for returns that get lost or damaged in transit. You will receive your refund within 14 days from the time the part arrives back in our inventory. Please be aware that we charge a 10% restocking fee, which will be deducted from your refund.

What if the product is damaged during shipping?

Typically, any damage incurred by the shipping company will be the responsibility of the purchaser. There will also be a 10% restocking fee applied to all returned products deducted from the refund.

Do you ship outside the United States?

This is handled on a case by case basis. Please call us. We will arrange to ship the items to a freight forwarder, and you are responsible for all duties, taxes, and fees as required by your country of residence.

Do you offer express/expedited shipping?

Special requests for shipping are available but will incur extra fees. Please call us at 888-842-0023 for details.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We offer freight shipping on all of our items.

Can I track my package?

Our shipping partners offer tracking information with each order. Due to the nature of our merchandise, you will be informed of each movement your shipments take and be given a delivery window for when your package will arrive.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods. Here is our purchase policy:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express
  • Certified Funds: Accepted but must be mailed and may be held until cleared. Due to the rise in internet fraud, we have been forced to take this precaution.
  • C.O.D.: Not accepted
  • Cash: Cash sales are only permitted if the item is being picked up and is in stock. If the item is a special order or transfer, it must be paid in full up front.
  • PayPal: All payments via PayPal are accepted. If using their e-check option, your shipment may be held up to 4 days until the e-check clears. Normal PayPal credit card or balance transactions have no hold.
  • Financing: We accept financing through PayPal Credit and Affirm. Talk to your sales rep about which option is right for you.
How do you protect my credit card information?

We use PCI compliant processes and SSL for all credit card transactions. Our privacy policy is part of, and subject to, our website’s terms and conditions. You may view these terms and conditions here.

What do I do if I need to change or cancel my order?

First, click the "Account" link at the top right hand side of our site to view orders you have placed. If your order status is still Processing, call us immediately to change/cancel. If your order has shipped, it can't be canceled or changed.

Do I need to have an account to place an order?

Yes, you will need to create an account.

How do I create an account?
  1. Click the 'Account' link at the top right hand corner of our site
  2. Click 'Create An Account"
  3. Fill in your information
  4. Click 'Register'
Do you offer a warranty?

We offer several warranty options. Complete product warranty disclaimer and warranty registration information can be viewed and/or downloaded for printing in our Warranty Center. If you have any questions regarding the Powertrain Products, Inc warranty, please contact us here or call (888) 842-0023 Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm EST.

How can I be sure the product I need will fit my vehicle?

The best way to ensure fitment is to provide your VIN when you order. Our staff will double check that your VIN and your vehicle’s year, make, and model match the part you’ve ordered.

What are your customer service hours?

Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm EST.

Do you ever offer coupons or discounts?

We do! Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be the first to know about special offers.

Do you charge sales tax?

Sales tax is collected for all states that apply. By law, Powertrain Products Inc is required to collect sales tax based on the shipping destination's ZIP code.

What is no fault replacement?

Replacement coverage for a No Fault warranty is simple and easy!

Please complete your warranty registration, and contact us to open a claim. Once the shop has the vehicle, we can document what they have for the diagnostics, and move quickly to determine if a replacement is needed.

We will work directly with your shop technician to learn what happened and what the status of the product is.

  • Did the engine overheat?
  • Was the engine allowed to run with no oil?
  • Did the piston top sustain damage?


Once we know what has happened, we will send out a replacement if it is deemed that a repair is not feasible.

Just contact us and we will work together to determine next steps.

What is Pure Care™ towing coverage?

Our Pure Care™ warranty offers $150 towing coverage for any open claim involving authorized warranty repairs.

Please send in your towing receipt, and we will process this as part of the warranty reimbursement once the claim is completed. Email: [email protected]

What is Pure Care™ rental car coverage?

Our Pure Care™ warranty offers rental car coverage up to $350.00 for any open claim involving authorized warranty repairs.

It's easy!!

Obtain your rental car from the certified rental car facility of your choice and attach the paid receipt that shows the type of vehicle, dates utilized and the total amount paid.

This reimbursement will be paid with the claim reimbursement once the warranty claim is completed.

Please note the maximum amount covered is

Our Pure Care™ warranty offers rental car coverage up to $350.00 for any open claim involving authorized warranty repairs.

It's easy!!

Obtain your rental car from the certified rental car facility of your choice and attach the paid receipt that shows the type of vehicle, dates utilized and the total amount paid.

This reimbursement will be paid with the claim reimbursement once the warranty claim is completed.

Please note the maximum amount covered is $350.


What is Pure Care™ diagnostic time coverage?

Our Powertrain Pure Care™ warranty will assist you with 2 hours of diagnostic coverage up to $110 per hour. The amount per hour is based on the shops advertised labor rates, any claims higher than the advertised rate will not be honored.

If the shop is charging you for diagnostic time, please send in your repair order that shows the time spent on the diagnostic - and we will add any warrantable diagnostic to your claim reimbursement up to the 2hr coverage amount.

What is Pure Care™ payment?

Powertrain Pure Care™ warranty reimbursement is easy!

Ensure you have returned all warranty parts to us.

Use the below email to submit receipts for your qualifying warranty reimbursements. Once on these are on file, and all required parts are returned the claim can be moved to payment status for processing.

Please use the same email for any questions regarding warranty payments.

[email protected]