Rear Differentials Explained

Installing a new rear differential on your truck is a pretty big job. The most important part of this job is to get the right differential for your truck. You also need a high quality rear differential that’s:

  • Built to your truck’s specs
  • Built to last

This article will discuss what a rear differential is and what to expect when you order one from Powertrain Products.

What Is A Rear Differential?

Differential interior

Strictly speaking, a rear differential is a ‘gear box’ at the back of your vehicle that transfers power from the engine to the drive wheels. It’s a part of the rear axle assembly. Axle tubes are welded to the differential case.

A rear differential is an important component. It delivers power to the drive wheels in a manner that:

  • Optimizes traction
  • Maximizes fuel efficiency.

A broken or worn-out differential can cause serious problems for your vehicle’s tires and other parts. If you want your truck to last, get a high quality rear differential. Powertrain Products is the brand to get.

Powertrain Products Offers High Quality Rebuilt And Remanufactured Rear Differentials

At Powertrain Products, we offer high quality rebuilt and remanufactured rear differentials. In our catalog, you’ll find differentials for many different makes and models. Powertrain Products is a leading brand for rear differentials because:

  • We use only quality tested cores
  • All our differentials are media blasted to a new finish
  • We fit all our rear differentials with new bearings, carriers, ring and pinion, yokes, and seals
  • We paint all our differentials to lock in the renewed surface

In other words, Powertrain Products rear differentials provide many years of worry-free performance.

Look up your make and model in our catalog of differentials to see if we have one for your vehicle.

What To Expect When You Order A Rear Differential From Powertrain Products

In an episode of Tech Talk, Drew Jellison explains what to expect when you order a rear differential from us. He also goes over what you need to install on your rear differential:

Some of our rear differentials are complete units with axle shafts. Others don’t come with axle shafts. All differentials include the axle tubes. If you’re not sure whether the differential you’re interested in comes with axles shafts, please get in touch with one of our drivetrain geniuses.

When you get your rear differential, you need to install a few components, such as:

  • Backing plates
  • Brakes

To install backing plates and brake brackets, all you need to do is:

  1. Remove the differential cover
  2. Remove the c-clips that retain the axle shafts
  3. Pop the axle shafts out
  4. Install the backing plates and brakes
  5. Reassemble

We ship our rear differentials all over the country. Due to size of your differential, you will get a custom shipping quote.

Do you have any questions about ordering a rear differential from Powertrain Products? Please give us a call or fill out this contact form!

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