Our Favorite Engine Swap Memes

Engine swappers feel the phrase “if you know, you know” to the core. Engine swapping is something you don’t understand and feel until you actually do it. Once you become an engine swapper, you become a member of an exclusive club. Club members know what a frustrating yet rewarding experience it is to swap an engine.

The best way to describe how great (and how frustrating) engine swaps is with memes. You may want to introduce the world of swapping engines to your inexperienced friends. Or you may want to share the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of engine swaps with your experienced friends. Either way, the memes we’ve rounded up may garner a chuckle or two.

LS Swap It

Swapping an LS crate engine into a vehicle is arguably the most popular engine swap project. It’s because:

  • LS engines are smaller than many other engines, making it much easier to swap an LS engine into a small engine bay.
  • LS engines offer great horsepower-per-dollar value.
  • LS engines have a versatile design that works well with aftermarket parts.
  • LS engines are great, to be honest. They’re powerful, and reliable, and even get decent fuel economy for their power output.

LS engine swaps are like licorice. You either love it or hate it. Some engine swappers will use nothing but LS engines. Others actively avoid LS engines. Here are some memes that show how much people love or hate LS swaps:

Now here’s what the Ford haters have to say about LS swaps:

Of course, the Ford 5.0 really is a decent engine…but the memes are still kinda funny.

Giving Your Car More Power And Lowering It At The Same Time

This upgrade is like killing two birds with one stone. Give your car more power while lowering it at the same time? Sign us up! It’s not like the suspension system is even important, anyway.

Luckily, getting a more powerful engine doesn’t always lower your car. Rather than swapping, you’d be much better off installing a quality remanufactured engine (like ours) and then making small performance upgrades to it.

Never Cheap Out On An Engine Swap

We’ve all known someone who has cheaped-out on an engine swap only to face dire consequences.

Always leave it to the professionals!

LS Swap Everything, Everywhere

Admit it. You might actually try it…

LS For All

It boils down to this: You’re not an engine swapper until you’ve actually swapped an engine. Whether you’re an LS lover or hater, Powertrain Products can help you with your swap. Contact our knowledgable staff for help, or shop online today.

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