3 Common Ford ‘Boss’ 6.2 Engine Problems

Some engines can be troublesome from day one. Others will last for years without missing a beat. The Ford Boss 6.2-liter engine definitely falls into the latter category. But even the most reliable engines can develop a few issues as they get older.

In this blog we cover the 3 most common issues with this engine, and what you can do to keep your motor running smoothly.

Watch our video reviewing the Boss 6.2-liter engine below.

The Ford ‘Boss’ 6.2-Liter Motor

This motor was developed by Ford in the mid-2000s. Initially codenamed ‘Hurricane’, it was rebranded ‘Boss’. Although it was never officially marketed this way. Instead, Ford referred to it by its 6.2-liter capacity. It debuted in the Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition in 2010.

It was very similar to the modular Ford engine design, aside from a larger bore than the smaller capacity motors. The block was made from cast iron with aluminum cylinder heads.

Boss Applications

It remained in production until 2019 and was also fitted to the F-150 Raptor and several Super Duty F-Series trucks.  Aside from a few minor updates to the camshafts and overall tuning in 2017, this motor remained largely unchanged throughout production. Power output ranged between 385-411 hp and torque was 405 lb-ft to 434 lb-ft.

With the earliest versions now 13 years old, the 6.2-liter Boss motor has proven to be a reliable and tough engine. There were no recalls on these motors or any known major issues. That said, the PPI team has come across a few common problems that keep cropping up with these engines.

  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Engine oil leaks
  • Rough idling

Oil Consumption

Every engine will start using more oil as it gets older. The 6.2-liter motors tend to accumulate big mileages thanks to their durable design, so the increase in oil consumption is par for the course here.

What’s considered high mileage? Around 150,000-miles. Lots of highway miles and a gentle driving style may extend this figure. While aggressive acceleration and lots of short trips can wear out the components far quicker.

While this is not a unique issue to this motor, it’s important to keep track of a sudden increase in oil consumption. This could be indicative of our next point: oil leaks.

Oil Leaks

This is another issue that tends to crop up at higher mileage. Gaskets will wear out over time, allowing oil to leak out as the seal becomes weaker. A few minor oil leaks are pretty common on older engines, but don’t ignore them for too long, as eventually, the gaskets will fail completely.

This can result in some expensive repair bills. Especially if you run the engine without enough oil to lubricate it.

Rough Idle

The 6.2-liter motor is prone to rough idling as the mileage piles up. This can be due to two main reasons:

  • Spark Plugs
  • Valve Springs

These engines have 16 spark plugs; if they are not replaced as scheduled, a weak spark will cause the engine to idle and run rough. It’s a simple fix, but if left for too long can cause engine damage.

The second reason you may experience a rough idle is from broken valve springs. If one or more of these break (there are 16 to go wrong), the engine can misfire, knock, and have a lumpy idle. Replacement springs are cheap, but labor costs can be high as special tools are needed for the job.

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