What Is A Core Charge?

Re-manufacturers issue a core charge to offset their costs. It is hoped that the customer will return their old engine (also known as the “core”) after the newly purchased one is installed. Once the old engine is returned, then the core charge is reimbursed. Essentially, a core charge is a deposit that will be refunded.…

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Core Return Instructions

Return Guidelines When you’re ready to return your core, visit our Core Returns page within 2 weeks to schedule your core return. Yes, we always waived our core deposits for 15 days, but why procrastinate?! You don’t want to pay the core charge, right?! Please read and have the following ready to prevent delays with your pick…

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About Core Charges

core return

Today, let’s talk about core charges. You should know how they work and why companies like Powertrain Products issue that charge. Basically, a core charge is an industry-standard that ensures a retailer gets its old product back. Because Powertrain Products sells re-manufactured engines, we are a recycler. That means we need the old product back…

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